Sensory Play

Standard 100

Machine Washable


Sensory Play

Standard 100

Machine Washable


MiniMat - Multi Chambray


The essential play mat to support sensory development

The Dockatot MiniMat™ is your baby’s first playground. This pint-sized play mat was thoughtfully designed to stimulate and support your baby’s development while creating an intentional space for play.

The beautifully quilted base with slightly raised edges provides an ideal environment for baby to practice their first reaches, rolls and head-lifts while the detachable Toy Arch ignites their senses through colour and texture during the early stages of sensory development.


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  • Supervised infant lounging and play space for 0-6 months.

  • 0-3 months - Encourage use with arch.

  • 3+ months – Encourage muscle development and fine motor skills by repositioning toys from the Toy Arch to the tactile tabs on the mat.

  • Mix and match toys with DockATot Toy Set Trio (sold separately) for added sensory and fun!

  • Safe place to practice tummy time.

  • The DockATot MiniMat™ is not intended for sleep and should only be used during supervised awake time.

Key Features

  • Premium, ultra-soft, OekoTex Certified Standard 100 cotton fabric

  • Intentionally compact; the perfect size for baby and home

  • An undulating, quilted pattern provides a tactile play surface

  • Includes our patented Toy Arch and Day at The Zoo Toy Set

  • Perfectly placed, satin-feel tabs for easily attaching toys and add-on accessories

  • Lightweight & portable with a convenient carry handle for easy transport

  • Travel-friendly

  • Easy to wash - The entire play mat is machine washable!

  • Designed and tested to meet toy standards (ASTM F963 and EN 71)

Testing and Certification

  • Designed and tested to meet toy standards (ASTM F963 and EN 71)

  • Tested for harmful substances including phthalates, PFAs, BPA and heavy metals

Care Instructions

  • Remove Toy Arch and any detachable toys/sensory items before washing.

  • Machine wash on cold and tumble dry on low.

  • Tip! Throw the plush toys in a pillowcase and knot the end and add in with the rest of your wash.


  • 30''L x 26''W x 2.5''D
  • 762mm L x 660.4mm W x 63.5mm D
MiniMat - Multi Chambray

Safety Tips

1. Be Present

It’s important to keep your baby within view when they are on the MiniMat.

The MiniMat is not intended for sleep, so if your baby falls asleep, they should be moved to a safe sleep environment.

2. Baby on Back

Babies should only be set down on their backs on the DockATot MiniMat, aside from tummy time.

When lounging on their backs, babies can safely benefit from visual stimulation. When paired with the toy set accessory, the DockATot MiniMat also promotes sensory development.

3. Keep It On The Floor

The DockATot MiniMat should only be placed on a firm, flat and stable surface from which the baby cannot fall.

Do not use the MiniMat on elevated surfaces such as tables, sofas, or beds.

4. Tummy Time

The DockATot MiniMat is an ideal spot to watch your little one spend active time on their tummies.

To practice safe tummy time, you must directly supervise your baby. Never place your baby on their tummy for lounging.

5. Growing With The DockATot MiniMat™

The DockATot MiniMat™ is a great tool for your little one’s first six months. We encourage using the included Toy Arch and toys for the first 3 months and then reposition the toys from the Toy Arch to the tactile tabs on the mat to encourage muscle development and fine motor skills 3 months and on.

6. Bare Is Best

Keep blankets, pillows, and stuffed toys (except those attached to the arch or the loops) away from the DockATot MiniMat.
Blankets, pillows, and other objects can cover a baby’s face and should be kept out of the DockATot MiniMat

7. Never Carry Baby On MiniMat

Babies should never be carried while on/in the MIniMat.

While the MiniMat itself is portable, it is not designed for carrying a baby. If you want to transport your child, pick them up first and then carry the MiniMat by its convenient carry handle.

8. Please Read Carefully

Taking a few minutes to read the warning label is important.

Our warning labels have important information meant to protect your family, so please take time to read, understand, and follow these warnings. They are available on our products and on our website.


How long can I use the MiniMat?

The MiniMat is designed for the first six months. Always watch for milestones, but typically, we suggest using the MiniMat with the Toy Arch for the first three months and then transitioning to play without the Toy Arch thereafter.

Can my baby sleep in the MiniMat?

No. The Minimat never was and never will be
intended for sleep
. If your
baby falls asleep, they should be moved from the MiniMat and placed in a crib,
bassinet or play yard.

Which toys can we use with the MiniMat?

Each MiniMat is sold with a set of three sensory toys. Additional MiniMat toys will be available soon.

Can I wash the MiniMat?

Yes! The good news about the MiniMat is that you can remove the toy arch and toys and throw the whole thing in the wash. Machine wash warm, low tumble dry. Do not iron, do not bleach, do not dry clean.

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