DockATot Awards and Honors: Interior Design magazine recognizes our JPMA booth design

Our booth at the JPMA trade show has won an award from Interior Design magazine! Get a look at the fantasy world that earned us this prestigious recognition.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • December 12, 2018

Dockatot JPMA award

DockATot Awards and Honors: Our booth at the JPMA show has gained national recognition from Interior Design magazine.

We’re thrilled to share that DockATot was named a finalist in the 2018 Best of Year Award in the tradeshow booths category from Interior Design magazine! Our “Into the Wild” booth at the JPMA Trade Show in Washington DC, inspired by fantasy and fairytales, has earned us this prestigious recognition.

dockatot JPMA booth

In collaboration with interior design group Ippolito Fleitz, DockATot founder Lisa Furuland brought the fantastical DockATot world to life. "The booth is a gateway to the fantasy world of DockATot. A secret place where visitors discover and enjoy multiple experiences through a photogram of the dream universe of the brand, a frozen moment of a fairytale world,” says architect Paula Poveda of Ippolito Fleitz, who headed the project with Lisa.

dockatot JPMA booth

Visitors to our JPMA booth entered through arches of forgotten ruins, which served as the threshold to the magical world of DockATot. The booth spanned two different areas that built a common atmosphere:

  • The Forest Room, which was used as a space for rest, welcome and meetings. The space is delimited by stamped walls with motifs of trees, forest animals, a library, remains of Roman ruins. This complex decorative enclosure was produced from different layers of die-cut honeycomb cardboard. The succession of filters created a seductive atmosphere, providing different degrees of transparency and privacy to the whole stand.
  • The main “Clear of the Forest” area was where DockATot product was exhibited. Visitors were amazed with the hypnotic landscape of hundreds of multicolored silk flowers suspended in the air.

Dockatot JPMA award

One of the most unique elements of our booth was a female figure modeled entirely of cardboard. This mannequin was made up of more than 750 different wavy pieces, digitally laser cut and glued one by one manually. The figure was meant to represent Lisa as she welcomed visitors and invited them to be part of her creative universe.

Dockatot Aristot

One of the most exciting new launches at the JPMA show this year was Aristot, the luxurious collection of heirloom-quality bassinets and rockers with interchangeable basis. Find out more about this exquisite collection. 

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