Behind the Seams: The Making of a DockATot dock

What goes into the creation of a DockATot? Exhaustive care and love, plus some talented seamstresses. Read more to find out how a DockATot is made.
  • Lisa Furuland
  • February 17, 2016

DockATot Baby Lounger

Behind each DockATot dock is a thoughtful manufacturing process that entails rigorous  testing, careful hand sewing, smart Swedish design and lots of care. Each DockATot baby lounger is finely crafted and created with every detail thought out. DockATot portable baby beds are a true labor of love from start to finish. 

DockATot Baby Lounger

DockATot founder Lisa Furuland has gone above and beyond with sourcing the fabrics and materials for each dock. Culled from only the top suppliers around the world, all fabrics are non-toxic. All materials were chosen to create the perfect micro-climate, which is to say that the baby will experience an ideal temperature while in the dock. Air flows through the dock easily and it does not harbor heat.

DockATot Baby Lounger

The factory where the docks are made is based in a picturesque European town. There are more than 30 workers devoted to making docks every day of the year. These talented workers pride themselves on craftmanship, and carefully and expertly hand cut, hand-stitch and hand sew each DockATot baby lounger. 

DockATot Baby Lounger

Small details, such as the strong zippers and delicately plush zipper pulls, were exhaustively researched and chosen for both style, functionality and safety. Every single material and detail (fabrics, fillings, zippers, straps, threads and buckles) are all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified, meaning they have been proven to be free of any harmful substances, including heavy metals and pthalates.

DockATot Baby Lounger

Our fabrics, which are all 100% cotton, have been woven and printed in Portugal, where some of Europe's oldest and most respected textile manufacturers reside. All production is governed by strict EU laws, which means that the conditions for the workers are top priority. 

DockATot Baby Lounger

The sheer luxury and design that go into every DockATot dock is what sets our baby loungers apart. DockATot is truly the smartest and most luxurious baby gear on the market today. Consider your dock the best investment you'll make for your little one's well-being and happiness--and your peace of mind. 


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