A white drawstring bag labeled "DockATot Kind Essential Bassinet - Fitted Sheet - White" detailing size and material in black typography, indicating it's made from 100% cotton for a comfortable sleep.
A white fabric bag with a drawstring closure, displaying a black and red warning label and a barcode. The text on the label includes safety warnings and product information. A black rectangular tag reads "Kind Essential Bassinet - Fitted Sheet - White" by DockATot.
A single, thick, square white pillow isolated on a white background. The Kind Essential Bassinet Fitted Sheet in White from DockATot, crafted from safe bassinet fabric, appears soft and fluffy with a slightly irregular shape and visible stitching along the edges.
White quilted Kind Essential Bassinet fitted sheet by DockATot with a distinct perimeter border and a side zipper, made from safe bassinet fabric, placed against a plain background.
A newborn baby lies in a pink DockATot Kind Essential Bassinet with a white sheet, dressed in a brown onesie with a floral pattern, gazing upward. A woman, visible from the back and partially blurred.

Kind Essential Bassinet - Fitted Sheet - White

The Kind Bassinet Essential white sheet is custom made to perfectly fit inside the bassinet. The fabric is specially sourced and meets the highest standard for safety and proven to be free of any harmful substances.


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Kind Essential Bassinet - Fitted Sheet - White

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