Mom Stories: Rebecca Blair, founder of Whistle Club boutique

Meet Rebecca Blair, the stylish mom and founder of Whistle Club boutique in Santa Barbara, CA. Find out which comfy chic sneakers she recommends to all her mama clients.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • March 28, 2019

Rebecca Whistle Club

Mom Stories: Rebecca Blair, founder of Whistle Club boutique

This fashionista found a way to stay in style even after moving out of the city and having kids. Rebecca Blair, founder of the chic Whistle Club boutique in Santa Barbara, California shares her journey to mom-boss and also the perfectly stylish yet comfy shoes she lives in.

dockatot natural buffalo

Names and ages of your kids: Daxon (2.5 years) and Brady (3.5 months)
Where do you live: Santa Barbara, CA
Favorite DockATot cover style: Natural Buffalo

What drew you into a career in fashion?
I always loved fashion, but initially I didn’t pursue it as a career. Upon graduating from college, I got a job that I thought checked all the right boxes, but I was miserable going to work every day. That’s when I realized I better truly love what I’m doing 40 to 50+ hours every week! The fashion industry was it for me.

What was your catalyst to open a boutique as opposed to working for a designer or designing your own clothes? 
Instinctively I always knew that I wasn’t a designer, but rather gravitated toward the business side of fashion. I cut my teeth in the industry working for large companies both as a buyer in e-commerce and in merchandise consulting / trend forecasting. However, upon leaving New York City, I moved back to Santa Barbara where the fashion industry is quite limited and narrow in scope. I had to be more creative and charting my own path if I wanted to stay in the industry. Thus, I opened Whistle Club! 

whistle club outfit

(Photo courtesy of Whistle Club) 

What are your favorite wardrobe pieces to wear that easily transition from #momlife to stylish-woman-who-can-take-on-the-world?
Never underestimate the perfect fitting jean! I love denim by Closed and Re/Done. Likewise, a sweatshirt might not typically be considered the most stylish, but Rachel Comey makes two sweatshirt silhouettes that feel great, look a bit elevated and can be thrown in the washing machine. We have a bit of a cult following for them at Whistle Club.  

Mom chic at whistle club

(Photo courtesy of Whistle Club) 

Any shoes you can recommend for spring that are stylish yet not painful and can be worn chasing toddlers?
Yes! I’m a huge fan of Common Project sneakers. Their Original Achilles leather sneaker is a no-brainer. I especially love them styled with dresses to make the overall look more casual.

You have two little ones + a busy career—how do you find me-time?
The struggle is real! Thankfully my husband is super hands-on with the little guys and will take them for a long walk around the neighborhood when I need an hour to myself. We’re also on a pretty tight bedtime schedule, so I usually have a couple hours after putting the boys to bed that I can rely on before I crash for the night myself.

What are your favorite healthy and easy snacks for your kids?
We love apple and almond butter or fresh berries from the farmer’s market.


How has your DockATot saved your sanity?
With two kids, I often feel like I am short a set of hands. Having a comfortable, safe, ultra-portable and easy to clean spot to set Brady is tremendously helpful. I never had a DockATot with my oldest and am entirely grateful to have discovered it for my littlest.

Best parenting advice you can give? 
Ooh, my best advice is that there’s lots of advice (unsolicited at times)! Some of it is valuable and relevant and some of it just isn’t. Adopt the advice that resonates with you and works for your kids…and then let the rest of it go.



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