20 Ideas on How to Celebrate New Year's Eve 2020 with Kids

Planning a kid-friendly new year's eve celebration? We've got you covered with 20 fun and easy ideas for sharing your new year's eve with your little ones.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • December 30, 2019
New Years Eve with Kids

 (Photo courtesy of @hellobabybrown) 

Are you planning to ring in the new year with your wee ones? Good for you! If planting the first kiss of 2020 on your toddler is in the cards, then here are 20 kid-friendly ways to celebrate the new decade that will make everyone in your brood happy.

1. Get matching pajamas for your whole crew and make it a PJ party.

2. Staycation it and reserve a hotel room nearby for your family. Order room service for your New Year's Eve dinner. An indoor pool is a definite plus. 

3. Create a make your own sundae bar, complete with loads of toppings.

4. Create a time capsule. Include a toy or outfit your baby loves, a note sharing some of your favorite memories of their first year and some of the wishes you have for him in the new decade. Store it somewhere safe to be opened in 2030. 

5. Set up a karaoke sing-along. Whether it's the new songs from Frozen 2 or some 80's hits, young ones love to sing and get silly. 

6. Create countdown goodies bags. Fill some brown paper bags with fun celebratory treats (confetti, noisemakers, silly string) and write a different time on each bag to coincide with the time you want it to be opened. Your kids will have a new treat each hour! 

7. Make some new years-inspired glitter slime to match the Times Square ball. 

8. Fill a pinata with glow sticks, noise makers and temporary tattoos--all fun, non-candy items they can make use of immediately.


9. Make a "wish bowl" and help your toddler fill it up with scraps of paper with some (attainable) wishes on it they hope for in the new year. 

10. Write different times onto balloons and pop them throughout the night to help build excitement.

11. For the little ones who are not going to make it to midnight, choose another part of the world in a timezone earlier than yours and watch their new years celebration online. 

12. Gather round all of the kids and have a Go Fish or Uno tournament.

13. Clear out an area in the family room and create a makeshift dance floor. Play freeze dance or musical chairs.

14. Set up a musical band area with lots of instruments for the kids to make some noise. And yes, pots and pans count!

15. Create a photo booth complete with hats, fun glasses, costumes and other cool props. Adults can take turns snapping the photos of the kids.

16. Make a balloon drop on the ceiling and release the balloons at midnight (or the time you've designated for the kids to celebrate New Years).

17. Ask your older kids to come up with five new years resolutions for themselves. For example, I will clean my room; or I will read a new book every week. Have them write it on a white board.

18. Ring in the new year with their favorite characters. Netflix's annual New Years Eve Countdown has beloved characters from kid-friendly programs counting down the new year. 

19. Host a noon year's eve party and countdown during the day with some other families and their youngest ones. 

20. Celebrate the year you had together as a family and watch all of the videos you made during the year. Make some plans for the year ahead! 

If one of your new year's resolutions is to declutter, read how this mom keeps her under 2000 square foot house neat and tidy. 

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