How to Create a Gender-Neutral Nursery That Brings Beauty and Tranquility

Avoid the traditional nursery setting and create a space that’s welcoming for all. Use these tips to create your serene gender-neutral nursery. 
  • Ashley Nackos
  • February 26, 2024

Creating a gender-neutral nursery is a mindful way to make a space where everyone feels comfortable. Instead of splashing tones of pink or blue on everything in sight, a neutral palette will offer a calm, relaxing atmosphere for anyone who enters. 

Why Create a Gender-Neutral Nursery?

While DockATot is known for bold and colorful designs, we also appreciate a neutral design foundation to allow you to decorate intentionally. 

Creating a gender-neutral nursery has lasting benefits. 

By intentionally selecting colors and pieces that are gender-neutral, you create a space that will grow with your child. Gender-neutral rooms offer a developmentally appropriate foundation. They can be easily adapted to suit your little one’s changing needs or interests. 

Gender-neutral spaces also offer a welcoming environment for everyone who enters the room. As your family grows, a gender-neutral palette seamlessly allows siblings to share the room. 

Traditional nurseries force a stereotype upon children – what girls can like and what boys can like. This automatically tells them they cannot have a say in their own preferences. The decision has already been made for them. 

Instead of forcing gender norms on your little one, give them time to explore in an inclusive setting. Typical gender roles are often challenged as children grow. Consciously start them off with the freedom to choose their likes and dislikes. 

Using purposefully selected colors and pieces will create a timeless and adaptable space. 

Set the Foundation: Color Schemes and Walls

Gender-neutral rooms transcend the traditional colors assigned to boys and girls. Forget the standard pinks for girls and blues for boys. All colors are to be enjoyed no matter what gender your baby is.

Choose colors that offer serenity and peace to everyone. Opt for shades of blue, greens, and creams with muted accents to create your welcoming oasis.

Some of our favorite colors include:

  • Pale blue
  • Navy blue
  • Sage green
  • Mint green
  • Off-white
  • Peach
  • Mustard yellow

Choose the *most* neutral foundation for your biggest spaces. Tones such as stone, sand, cream, and grey create a space that is easy on the eyes. These colors are the perfect base layer for accessories.

Consider creating a focus wall with a bold color. One wall dressed in green, navy, or a peachy tone will make a statement without distracting from the peaceful feel.

Be free with textures and designs as focal points on the walls. Textured wallpapers add depth and encourage sensory development as your baby grows. Artistic murals like geometric patterns, nature scenes, and abstract art will help your baby build wonder and curiosity. 

Let your colors and walls guide you into creating the beautiful, tranquil space both you and your little one crave. 

Thoughtful Furniture Selection

Crafting a gender-neutral nursery means selecting furniture pieces that can be used by multiple children over time. Avoid pieces decorated with harsh colors that stick to the traditional gender norms.

Instead, look for timeless pieces that provide function and beauty to your space. 

Many nursery pieces grow with your child. Select pieces that will convert into something else after your little one outgrows it. 

Consider adding a crib that can later turn into a toddler bed followed by a full-sized bed. Find a bassinet that can later function as a stylish, functional piece of furniture. Add dressers and wardrobes that will support your child’s needs as they grow. 

Focus on quality, functional pieces that will last when designing your space. 

Don’t be afraid to incorporate color and pattern with your furniture. Maintain your gender-neutral space by selecting colors that complement the overall color scheme. Add coordinating colors such as rose, navy, bronze, or cream to create a cozy feel. Plush furniture is the perfect place to add beauty without distracting from the atmosphere. 

Accessorize With Purpose

Nurseries and children’s rooms can easily become overstimulating and crowded. 

Mindfully select accessories that offer function and beauty without being overwhelming. 

Incorporate pieces that add warmth and interest such as artisanal creations, global textures, and handcrafted toys. Stick to your overall color scheme and layer in different materials such as wood, leather, and macrame. 

Accessories shouldn’t be just for looks. They should also be functional and beneficial. 

The youngest babes will benefit from soft textures and sensory development. Look for accessories with contrasting colors and safe materials for their developing bodies. The MiniMat combines luxurious textures with developmentally appropriate toys to create the perfect accessory for your gender-neutral nursery. 

Older kiddos can explore movement and creation with minimalist toys. Toys such as the Waldorf board and Montessori climbing arch provide hours of simplistically-designed fun. 

Don’t forget about the lighting in your space. Consider layers of light to accommodate activities throughout the day and night. 

  • Cherish natural light within your space whenever possible. Use soft window treatments that allow for the most light to fill your space. 
  • Add gender-neutral lighting such as mounted fixtures or lamps placed out of reach. Light fixtures offer another opportunity to include different materials –  bronze, iron, or clay can add more depth to your room. 
  • Include a warm-glow lamp or nightlight to help your little one wind down at bedtime. Soft light will help your baby relax and give in to the wonder of sleep. 

Create a connective space

Nurseries and children’s rooms are the perfect area to promote bonding. Whether it’s your first baby or you’re adding another to the mix, it’s important to create a space where everyone feels included.

A gender-neutral nursery will encourage older siblings to spend time with the new baby. And gender neutral rooms help everyone in the home enjoy making memories together. 

Aim to create a space where children of all ages and adults will feel comfortable. All areas should be accessible and inviting. Your room has the potential to be a peaceful, calming place for littles and adults alike. 

Creating a gender-neutral nursery is not about a trend. Embrace this project as a mindful choice toward inclusivity and adaptability. Take the time now to prepare your beautiful room and enjoy the serenity and calmness you’ll feel when the time comes. 

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