Dreaming of Summer With The New DockATot Confetti Stripe 

  • Roma Patel
  • June 22, 2021

Allow us to take you back in time to a hazy, midsummer day - sipping on an iced pink lemonade, gazing into the deep blue of a cloudless sky, wearing your favourite childhood striped summer dress and open-toe sandals. Soak in those shades - dusky pink, cornflower blue, lemon yellow, pistachio green...

Girl in a rainbow striped dress lying in a meadow looking at the sky

And now, allow us to introduce you to ‘Confetti Stripe’, the latest addition in our Sun & Sea Collection that we’ve been crafting behind the scenes. It’s all about reminiscing - an ode to carefree and joyful summer days. 

Come with us as we take a closer look at the inspiration behind the Confetti Stripe and share some style ideas for your interior design.

Confetti Stripe

The new DockATot Confetti Stripe is the ultimate summer accessory for you and your little one. This exquisite new rainbow design will lift your spirits and help you dream of those lazy summer days basking in the sun

Dockatot Confetti Stripe Dock

Brightening up every corner of the house, the Confetti Stripe can be paired with any pastel-infused or neutral interior design palette to bring a touch of magic and a pop of colour. 

Dockatot Confetti Stripe

The neutral palette is subtle, serene and all encompassing - from whites and pale greys to beiges and blush pinks. And the summery but sophisticated and distinct shades of the rainbow stripe will let the sunshine in on even the greyest of days. 

Nostalgic and comforting

There’s no doubt that our thwarted vacation plans have inspired this new summertime trend. But we’ve turned our disappointment into an invitation for the vacation spirit to enter our homes. As we look for comfort in the familiar, we find solace in the happy memories sparked by these harmonious hues. 

Choose to inject that summer soul into your interiors and create carefree, joy-filled spaces: think natural flooring, muted colour palettes and ample light with statement rattan pieces. Don’t be afraid to pair old with new - it infuses character into your interior design and the synergy will surprise you. 

After a hellish year, this delightful trend is all about soothing post-pandemic stresses and bringing a sense of calm, comfort, playfulness and imagination to the fore. We can almost hear Billie Holiday singing Gerschwin’s ‘Summertime’ faintly in the background… 

Traditional yet whimsical

The traditional stripes we recall so vividly from our childhood summers bring with them a sense of familiarity but also playfulness into the mix. Evoking a spirited and fanciful ambience - we’re imagining bright wall-hangings, woven materials, framed prints and voile curtains. And we don’t mean frills, flounces and lace when it comes to curtains - we’re talking contemporary designs in sheer or semi-sheer fabrics. 

Choose designs that encourage creativity and enhance well-being. Combine soft pastels with bright tones to inspire the imagination and fuel interaction in the home. 
DockATot decorative pillows in Morris & Co design

Expect to see florals, gingham and William Morris prints alongside plush velvet and impressive chandeliers. We’re putting the fun back into tummy-time, lounging and outfit changes. After all, dynamic play and interaction are at the heart of a happy childhood.

Little Girl drawing with chalk on wooden decking


The DockATot Confetti Stripe is wonderfully gender-inclusive - perfect for planning nursery interiors when you want to keep the gender-reveal to the very last minute.

Cutting across boy and girl stereotypes, the rainbow is simply a joy-bringer. Symbolising hope and promise, it is a timeless, naturally-occurring wonder that has stood the test of time. The spectrum of colours yields a mesmerising visual for little ones to marvel at. Who isn’t amazed by this process of refraction through water droplets?

Yarn dyes from DockATot Sun & Sea Collection lookbook

And so, our Confetti Stripe, with juxtaposing dyes, brings to life the imagination of both boys and girls and evokes a sense of awe and wonder. 

Safe in the Sun: Cabana Kits

If you do venture outdoors - to a local beauty spot or even your back garden - you can use one of our exclusively designed Cabana Kits to shade your little one from the sun’s rays. The UV-protected retractable shade of 50+ SPF and weatherproof base protector will ensure the underside of your Deluxe+ dock is kept pristine and your baby is protected from the sun and other elements. 

The DockATot Cabana Kits have been crafted so that you can transport a piece of your home to somewhere outdoors - whether that’s to your backyard, a local park or the beach. Your baby will experience the familiarity of their lounging dock and a sense of safety and security wherever they may be. 

Cabana Kit in Trellis


Pair your DockATot Confetti Stripe with the Cabana Trellis or Rose shades and you’ll have a match made in heaven. 

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