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Guidelines and Warnings

Nothing is more important to DockATot than the well-being of our customers. On this page, you will find a message about bedsharing, links to our Safety Tips and FAQs, and copies of our on-product labels.

A Word About Bedsharing

Our Deluxe+ docks are not intended for sleep. An infant should always sleep in a product subject to a mandatory sleep standard, which in the United States is limited to cribs, cradles, bassinets, and play yards.

In connection with our brand adopting one global voice, in the Autumn of 2020, we ceased promoting our Deluxe+ or Grand docks for bedsharing (sometimes called co-sleeping). Our brand grows out of Sweden, where, like in many cultures, bedsharing is the norm and encouraged. We actively research and participate in the ongoing development on a mandatory standard for bedsharing products, however, we will not offer an products intended for bedsharing.

As a brand, we have experienced differences in opinion surrounding the practice of bedsharing as we have grown across the globe, due to inconsistent cultural norms and a lack of overall standards for our docks/pods.

The infant sleep products that we offer include our Moses basket with Stand and Aristot line, both of which meet the United States' bassinet standard and various international standards. Products like adult pillows or nursing pillows should never be part of an infants' sleep environment.

Safety Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

For our Dock Safety Tips, click here, and for our FAQs, click here.

Warning Labels

Warning labels containing information about safe use are sewn onto the bottom of each dock and into seam labels on all other products.

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