What ages are appropriate to use Aristot?

Babies from newborns through 18lbs can use Aristot. When a child is able to sit, kneel or to pull up, discontinue using the bassinet, and transition the base into yet another beautiful piece of furniture using one of the Aristot conversion pieces.

What type of sheet can I use with my Aristot?

Use only the sheet provided by Aristot.

What type of mattress can I use with Aristot?

Only use provided mattress that comes with Aristot. Do not add other mattress, pad, pillow, or soft cushions.

Can I use the bassinet without the base?

No, do not use the body of a bassinet without its frame. Only use when fully assembled. Do not use component parts. Do not use the bassinet if any part is broken, torn or missing.

Where is the best place to use my Aristot?

Aristot was created for use in any room in the house to complement and enhance your décor. Wherever you choose to use Aristot, make sure:

  • The base is placed on a horizontal floor
  • Keep Aristot three feet away from space heater or fireplace
  • Do not position Aristot near curtains, blinds or cords – including window blind cords or baby monitor cords

How should I place my infant in Aristot?

We recommend infants be placed on their backs in Aristot, unless otherwise advised by your physician.


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